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What makes 5M Recycling Better at Metal Processing?

5M Recycling LLC is dedicated to providing new and used metal processing equipment to multiple industries within across North America.

We are also consultants to large corporations looking for expert analysis and evaluation of their processes with the highest priority being privacy and confidentiality.

Our history dates back to over 26 years ago when the founder started working at his neighbor’s recycling yard processing vehicles, stripping wires, baling radiators, operating equipment and even running the small scale on occasion. While in college for engineering he continued his involvement with metals working for Ford in their aluminum melt and casting division, and later working for Navistar wearing multiple hats to help them achieve their goals in metal processing. Fast forward this success to becoming a product manager for shears, balers, briquetters, and auto shredders for the top recycling equipment company in North America. This is where his core education about recycling equipment developed, along with many long lasting relationships within the metal processing industry.

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