Hammer mills

The hammer mills are machines for the treatment of scrap. They are used for normal shredding of steel scrap and is part of the complete plant for demolition and production of raw second material.

The Bano Recycling mills are a complement (no fundamental) for cleaning more the category material so increase the final product quality.

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  • Shredders of various dimensions for the working or shredding of various material type.
  • System of drive with belts
  • Different screen dimensions are available to obtain a final product according to requirements.
  • Variable number of Turns also by inverter
  • Screen support with hydraulic opening for the easy maintenance
  • Automatic unloading for the no treated materials
Hammer millsRotor Lenght (mm)Rotor diameter (mm)Hammers (Kg)Power (KW)weight (Ton)
MM 70-707007008 – 1055 – 753,5
MM 100-1301000130045 – 60315 – 50015
MM 150-1501500150090 – 120315 – 50035